Deploy Once. Adapt Endlessly

Evergreen hardware leveraging the latest in AI imaging for manufacturing.

What is Evergreen Hardware?

A system designed to be enduringly relevant, able to alter its value with a simple software change. It's built to grow and scale with an organisation, accommodating new functionalities over time without needing physical upgrades.

Introducing Shellshock AI

Transform Your Manufacturing Operations

Enhance your manufacturing processes with ShellShock AI, a highly sophisticated, Australian-designed, developed, and manufactured hardware AI solution.

Tailored to integrate into your existing visualization platforms and databases seamlessly, ShellShock AI revolutionizes how you gather and utilize data across your manufacturing operations.

Unlike traditional data collection tools, ShellShock AI utilizes advanced AI algorithms to intelligently filter and present the most relevant information for your operations. It's not just about adding more data to your lakes; it’s about proactively surfacing the insights you need when you need them:

  • Failed Part Analysis
  • PPE Compliance Monitoring
  • Vehicle Movements Tracking
  • Workshop Utilization

What We Are Solving

Shellshock AI is a dynamic urban data system designed to capture the data that interests you the most.

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Why Shellshock AI?

Shellshock AI is a dynamic system designed to capture the data most critical to your manufacturing operations.